Skills, satisfaction, services, free spirit

For you, professionals and entrepreneurs, our goal is simple: so that our skills bring you satisfaction and peace of mind.

An accounting firm : a mandatory pathway, a hermetical language, a finicky way! Clichés? Not anymore! The dull world of the accounting firm is over.

PLAFIDA is a company of our times and plays the card of transparency and communication. Because we love our profession, we want you to be able to dedicate to yours.

PLAFIDA’s team of fifteen employees is a cluster of experience and skills. And has been so for the past 50 years! Our skills in the services we propose, be they in the accounting, audit, tax, legal or real estate field, enable us to provide you with comprehensive services.

  • Our concern: define your needs, solve your problems and avoid futile work.
  • Our language: simple, direct and accessible.
  • Our desire: that you leave PLAFIDA’s office in a lighter spirit. As simple as that.